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Awesome Events, Incredible Deals, New Connections.......
It's More than just a Party!
  •  Social Community: We help people step away from technology and build friendships face to face.
  • Events: VIP Members get massive savings on local events.
  •  Special Events: Members will get first access and deals and VIP on major events. 
  • Local Deals: Local Deals at Bars, Restaurants and night clubs will save you on your tabs daily... (ie. $10 off $20 Tab)
  •  Bonuses: Receive special VIP bonuses..(ie. FREE Swim Suit when you attend our cruise)
  •  Exclusive Private VIP Facebook Group: Create connections and hangout with like minded individuals
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Why is Our VIP Club Awesome? Find out how this works...
At American Happy Hour we are all about putting smiles on faces and fun in peoples lives.  We love to bring people together and create new connections that grow into long lasting friendships.  To us it's about more then just a party.  It's about getting people out from behind technology and building relationships and friendships face to face.  

Our new VIP Club is about creating a community of like minded people that want to be social and meet people.    We will offer monthly events the VIP Club Members and guest may attend for free.

VIP Club Members will also receive special offers at different restaurants, bars and nightclubs to save you on your bar tabs.  

An exclusive members only Facebook group will be available for Members to make connections and and stay updated on local events and deals.  

When you act Now, you get full access to American Happy Hour VIP Club, including:

Discounts on local Events 

$10 off $20 bar tabs at participating bars in Orlando

FREE Swim Suit when attending Endless Bar Cruise 

Exclusive access to the Private VIP Club Facebook Group

Connections that lead to great friendships 

First access to VIP Offers

All of this will available for only $39 per month but, you can yours at a special Pre-Launch Price...

The First 100 People get a 30 day trial and 2 tickets to the Friday Happy Hour Cruise Give Away Party for only $1...and lock in a special Pre-Launch price of only $19per month......

You can save this at your first event or in one night on the town.....
2017 American Happy Hour